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Whitney W. Lowe
Whitney Lowe is a massage education pioneer at the forefront of massage continuing education and development. Not satisfied with the old boundaries of what constituted effective massage education, Lowe has forged ahead toward the unlimited opportunities that exist with innovations in educational technology and theory.
Lowe is widely known for his expertise in assessment and massage therapy treatment approaches for chronic pain and injury conditions. His contributions to the massage field are wide-ranging and include extensive research and professional publications, teaching, clinical work, consulting, and participation in national boards and committees.
Lowe began his research into the complexity of chronic pain conditions and injuries over two decades ago. For several years, Lowe worked and studied with Benny Vaughn, a highly regarded founder of sports massage therapy in the profession. After working in several orthopedic treatment facilities, training in sports medicine, and developing massage therapy curriculum in advanced clinical massage, he wrote his first book and developed the Orthopedic Massage Program.
His system of Orthopedic Massage is designed for massage therapists seeking to meet the needs of clients with chronic pain or sports, recreational, or occupational pain and injury conditions. In 1994, he founded the Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute (OMERI). He began to teach massage continuing education, emphasizing those skills needed most for treating orthopedic soft-tissue disorders.
Research and publication are a priority for Lowe. Lowe’s texts, Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy and Orthopedic Massage: Theory and Technique, are used by massage therapy professionals and schools in their massage training programs. In addition, he is a contributing author to several other books and his articles appear regularly in professional peer-reviewed journals and popular magazines, such as Massage Today, Massage & Bodywork, and Massage Magazine.
Lowe’s emphasis is on research-based massage therapy training and effective teaching protocols. His high standards have given Lowe a reputation for high-quality massage continuing education programs. He is also a well-regarded presenter at state and national conventions.
New in 2009 are his Orthopedic Massage DVDs, which include both orthopedic assessment as well as advanced clinical massage treatment methods. In 2007, Lowe launched his innovative Online Orthopedic Massage Program as a unique and unequalled program in massage continuing education. He continues to offer advanced clinical massage training via hands-on workshops as well.
Lowe is committed to expanding the expertise and success of massage therapy professionals, and moving the profession forward into new possibilities.