Lowe's Orthopedic Massage Video Series

OMERI is going Green!

Lowe’s DVD Series is now an integrated part of Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage Online Program!

  • Accessible on ANY mobile device, from your smart phone to your desktop
  • Participants in the Certification program may continue to access videos after finishing courses
  • More convenient, easier to access, and more informational than the individual DVDs

About Lowe’s Videos

These videos present Lowe’s advanced assessment and treatment techniques for soft-tissue conditions. Whitney applied his highly developed teaching skills to these videos, making the technique instructions easy to follow, understand, and apply.

  • Advanced evaluation tests (special tests) for obtaining further information, beyond the range-of-motion tests, that help illuminate the nature of your client’s condition.
  • Detailed demonstrations of the most effective, diverse, and advanced treatment methods for both common and complex soft-tissue complaints.
  • Multiple camera angles for clear viewing.

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Note: Whitney may be producing online video independent of the courses in the future when his schedule allows for that, please check back.